Discover the advantages of entering the network of companies managed with proprietary currency.


Barter Exchange goods and services with companies in the network.


Support Collect DINDI and keep quiet with the tax authorities.


Take advantage of the potential of targeted and motivated customers.


Entering the world of  DINDICASH you will be connected to a network of companies operating in various sectors.

By reloading your account we will then convert your euros into credits (DINDI) that can be spent or rebated in the companies of the circuit.

You can allow your customers to pay through the application and take advantage of discounts through combined transactions in euros and DINDI.

You will discover how to use your credit in DINDI to promote your products to new customers and take advantage of the advantageous offers to exchange goods and services.


The Blockchain is the emerging paradigm for trade. Its mechanics is based on the constant verification of the traceability of transactions.

With this system, therefore, the public registers (guaranteed by credit institutions) are replaced by a public and shared register, where exchanges are tracked, verified and available for consultation by all users (and therefore not falsifiable).

We can therefore return to talking about Bartering (fair trade, barter): in DINDICASH companies can autonomously agree and regulate their exchanges. Your only commitment will be to accept to supply goods and services in the circuit.


Our network is primarily a credit clearing house for regulated companies.

As such, companies that adhere to DINDICASH must perform proper accounting management, so we have drawn up guidelines for proper management of our trade receivables.

After all, bartering is a common practice and simple to manage.

Simply download and deliver to our accounting office our Guides and from that moment accept DINDI will be like accepting Euros for tax calculation purposes (1 € = 100 DINDI).


The cost of a flyer on the DINDICASH platform will allow you to reach thousands of users selected by location, age, gender and preferences, without any financial advance and with the certainty of being able to hit your commercial target. The notifications received and read (the CASH ALERT) are converted into DINDI, thus assuming a “remunerative” role and rewarding the consumer who actively participates in the life of the circuit. Marketing with DINDICASH as well as being free (you only pay with a discount if it works) is strengthened by the sense of belonging to the network: the user can search for activities in his neighborhood preferring them to other non-affiliated ones and he is always encouraged to look for discounts of the companies present in the circuit thanks to the CASH ALERT system (paid notifications).